what is this?

These collected pixels on your screen are an inlet into my mind as it attempts to attribute meaning to my day-to-day experiences. We’ll explore the professional (e.g. rethinking how we approach data and data teams, careers vs passions) and the personal (e.g. finding gratitude in the mundane, navigating existential crises that lead to beautiful realizations).

who is erica?

The cliched and overplayed late-twenty year-old who frequently reflects on what it means to live a fulfilling life.

Currently, I work as the Head of Data at dbt Labs where I spend most of my time unraveling and rebuilding how non-data teams interact with data products.

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If you want to join the discourse, if you also want to share your fears/hopes/dreams as you navigate your inner monologue, if you want a brief escape from the echo chambers in the t*ch industry.